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Hi, I'm Theresa

Since I was twelve I’ve had a love affair with sewing and fabric. To me the process of creating something that’s never existed is fascinating! 

In 2006 I met a Bed & Breakfast owner who was converting a historic carriage house into two suites. She needed custom window treatments, chair cushions, bolsters, pillows, you get the idea! After three months of fabricating soft furnishings and seeing how they helped transform her space, I was hooked. Afterwards, I started All the Trimmings and connected with decorators, interior designers, and retail clients who needed window treatments and soft furnishings. I ran this workroom until an out-of-state move in 2010.

After resettling and taking care of family concerns it was time to pursue my creative dream again. In 2018 All the Trimmings Shop, a second incarnation of my workroom, was born. I consider it a privilege to work with clients and earn their trust through clear communication and meticulous craftsmanship.

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